Theoretical Perspectives

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Ciccarelli and White (2015) define psychology as the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Currently, there is no one perspective to explain mental processes and human behavior. There are seven perspectives in psychology that help explain how the mind functions. These perspectives are called theoretical perspectives. Each is different and explains a certain take that scientists and philosophers have when it comes to explaining human behaviors and mental processes. There are infinite ways to describe how the mind works.
Major Theoretical Perspectives of Psychology
One perspective is the psychodynamic perspective, also known as the dynamic perspective. This perspective was based off Sigmund Freud’s ideas related to a psychodynamic approach. It values early childhood experiences and human systematic studies opposed to sex and sexual motives. Psychodynamic also stresses on the idea that the unconscious mind influences conscious mind behavior and further focuses more on self-behavior that leads to social behaviors.
Behaviorism is based on early work on by John B. Watson and inspired the Behavioral perspective. This idea suggested responses to certain behaviors that are crucial to future behaviors. This indicates certain responses to negative or positive behaviors which could influence a person to repeat that behavior if they get their desired response. The idea if for a negative behavior to receive a consequence. An example is putting a

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