Theory Of Planned Behavior Essay

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The main objective of the paper is to examine Azjen’s theory of planned behavior based on past research that examined what influences one’s intention to do things based on their beliefs, attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control. In a prospective British study conducted by Higgins and Conner in 2001, they researched the ability of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) to predict smoking intentions and behavior in adolescents. A total of 162 Subjects (11-12 years old) were randomly selected from different schools across the region out of the 347 initially recruited. The research was done over a period of 8 weeks and students were asked to complete a self-reported questionnaire at the beginning and the end of the study period. Their respective schools verified information provided by the student. The TPB questionnaires assessed behavioral intentions, attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control. The study suggested that intentions resulted in a small reduction in smoking and intent to smoke for the study group compared to the control group. Nevertheless, intentions increased…show more content…
in 2008, they studied the ability of the TPB to predict the intent to quit smoking. Study participants included 103 smoking students (average age of 24.6years with an 8 years smoking experience). Participants were asked to fill out a TPB questionnaire at the beginning and were contacted after 4 months to fill out a follow up questionnaire. The questions consisted of intention to quit, attitudes towards quitting, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control. The result suggested that quitting behavior are linked with intentions as the people with stronger intentions to quit made more plans to quit smoking. Therefore, even though TPB is important in motivating smokers to quit, attitude and norms are more important in motivating them and also stopping other addictive
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