Theory Of Virtue Ethics Analysis

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Analysis- Application of Ethical Theories

The Golden Rule

Luke can utilize the Golden Rule, which states that “One should treat others as one would like others to treat them”. Hence, if Luke somehow happened to help his sibling by unveiling data of the development of the retail stores in the neighborhood, he would want Owen to act in the same way towards him as he is with Owen. It would just be reasonable to feel that Luke reasons his activities with the Golden Rule, as he would not want such a store to be built close to his home. Then again, Luke would basically be selling out ABC by uncovering the data. According to the logic dictated by Golden Rule, it would just be reasonable for ABC to sell out Luke (by eventually terminating him). ABC …show more content…

The standards, principles, and outcomes are just considered in a way that would assess the individual's character. The surroundings of a man are a key factor to the improvement of their character; when settling on Luke may utilize the Theory of Virtue Ethics, which depends on Luke applying his ethics and moral choices. It isn't demonstrated what sort of character Luke has, if Luke has an ethical moral character, he simply cannot uncover the information to Owen. There is no possibility for Luke to even lying or selling out ABC. On the off chance that Luke picks the organization over his sibling, it will mirror that Luke is unsympathetic, relentless and narrow minded towards his family. On the positive side, in his expert life he is profoundly moral, faithful and devoted. If Luke chooses Owen over his job, it would seem as he was not a responsible and dependable worker by putting his family's needs finished the organization. Luke may foul up under the heaviness of familial ties and yield the ABC intends to Owen. This would at last smash his character and ethics. ABC would eventually fire him and Luke would be left with inward battles because of his activities. If Luke somehow managed to utilize this hypothesis out of need to illuminate his difficulty, he would most likely need to enable his sibling to out since that is the thing that he was presumably brought to do up in accordance with his familial ties. Luke should break down which choice would exhibit his character and standards more

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