Facts. Luke, An Employee Of Abc Company Has An Ethical

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Luke, an employee of ABC Company has an ethical issue that makes him go and look for advise at the Ethics Department of ABC Company. The department of Ethics Department is dedicated to advise employee and prevent any risks of losing their jobs because of unaware immoral decisions. Now that the company has decided to build an adult entertainment retail store, Luke has come across a big decision. The Department of Ethics needs to help Luke decide to whether, obey his commencement with ABC Company and keep confidentiality until they make it public, or to warn his brother, Owen (who lives in the neighborhood that would be affected) that his house would substantially depreciate and he may lose money if he does not sell the house now …show more content…

In other words, utilitarianism stays that the best decision is the one that would benefit the majority. In this case the stakeholders are Luka, Owen, their families and the company. If Luke decides to take this approach, he would have to analyze each stakeholder’s point of view and come up with the decision that would bring the greatest good for the large number. He will have to ask himself which decision would affect the least at both parties? If by telling his brother would ruin not only the project but also potential employees? On the other hand, the company could go ahead and do the project anyway if he tells his brother not to tell anyone else.

Universal Ethics
Known as Categorical Imperative by Kant. This theory stays that one should take into account each individual’s opinion and come up with a decision that would benefit all. Probably the most difficult decision of the three, Luke has to come up with a solution that would help his brother sell the house on time without breaking the company’s moral and confidential code. Luke has to think about what the universe would consider the most moral thing to do? And which decision would benefit each participant.

Luke has a hard decision to make; he wants to be a good employee and a good brother. I do think you have to respect and honor your promises (in this case the commitment you have with the ABC Company) However, I could see myself in the position of wanting to help my

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