Therapeutic Civilization : Ancient Egyptian And Greek Civilization

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Ancient Egyptian and Greek Civilization: The use of Therapeutic Recreation began thousands of years ago. Ancient Egyptians employed the use of music, songs, and dancing that promoted a positive atmosphere that would help individuals overcome mood disorders. The Ancient Greeks established health temples in which they offered instruction, bathing, exercise, and entertainment in a restful relaxing atmosphere. It is now known that most ancient cultures made good use of some aspects of the Recreation Therapeutic healing process until the middle ages. This is the period from where, until the late 18th century, all kinds of developments in technologies and medical field stopped (Dark Ages) due to the influence of the church emphasizing on the …show more content…

The 40s was considered to be the “the boom” of the development of recreation services in military hospitals by the American Red Cross, followed by the establishment of the hospital recreation division within the veterans administration. During the 1950s was about the bringing together or the development of the different organizations in the recreation movement, also the support of medical doctors and the Menninger family in advocating for recreation as a tool for treatment was crucial. The Menninger family was a group of three men particularly active in mental health. Recreation was very important to them, they felt that recreational therapy could provide a laboratory in which patient could try out new skills, new ways of coping and reacting, and practice and develop these skills. William Menninger went from hospital to hospital in WWII and all around the world advocating Recreational Therapy in the treatment of mental health clients. Two streams of thought:
- Recreation for all: This perspective believes that the right for recreation is something that all should enjoy, including those who are institutionalized, ill or disabled.
- Recreation as Therapy: Recreation was seen to be more than wholesome activity. It was a tool or modality to treat illness and to rehabilitate clients using activities to ameliorate pathology and, ultimately, to rehabilitate the individual. This was the view of the old National Association of Recreational Therapist, NART, form in the

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