Therapeutic Relationship Between A Nurse And Patient

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The central theme of this essay is the therapeutic relationship between a nurse and patient and to discuss one of the attributes identified in the National Competency Standards of Registered Nurse (NMBA 2006) and to illustrate the impact it has on the role of a future registered nurse when it comes to building, maintaining and concluding a relationship with a patient from the Horizon Hospital. In this assignment, the standards and practices of professional boundaries and therapeutic relationships are explained and illustrated with examples of therapeutic and non-therapeutic relationships between nurse and patient. Mary Young, a client at the Horizon Hospital will be included in the discussion and will prove as an example from the standpoint of an indigenous person and the correct approaches to take when giving therapeutic care. Another point that will be emphasised in this essay will be communication and the importance it has when trying to begin establishing that nurse-patient relationship. The phases of the therapeutic nurse patient relationship will also be discussed in this essay.
Therapeutic relationships also known as nurse-patient relationships refer to the relationship between a healthcare professional and their patient; it is the foundation of nursing practice. As a future nurse, it is fundamental to have a basic understanding of what it means to provide therapeutic relief and how to correctly and appropriately communicate with patients. If a relationship is not
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