Therapy Plan Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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THERAPY PLAN COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY Baron Jones Southern New Hampshire University, Online This paper will focus on the theoretical part of this case study that is how we can help the 23yrear old girl overcome the disorder that she is suffering from. Additionally the paper will incorporate the counseling knowledge gained in this course for example ways of dealing with patients in terms of being patient with the victim since the recovery process does not happen over a day it is a step by step process as the patient gains the ability to overcome the feeling and thought that make her regurgitating food and deal with the fear she has of being overweight and her friends calling her fat as the mother and friends explained. We will apply…show more content…
Later what comes up is the treatment phase that involves a 30 to 60 minutes discussion where the specialist helps subdivide the problems into portion and in each session the specialist will help the individual to change her negative thoughts and feelings and in our case thinking her friends are calling her fat or her fear of being overweight into more positive schemas using prescribed procedure by the specialist and over the week the patient will apply them and in their next meeting they will being by discussing if the individual was successful in handling the problem or not ( Nemade, Staats Reiss, Dombeck and 2007). Personality Theory Personality theories are theories that explain how various characteristics of a person such as intelligence, temperament, habits, skills, attitudes and traits define our uniqueness as human beings. Each person has his or her personality as characterized by the mentioned traits, and this explain the diversity in character in human beings. When treating mental illness, for example Anorexia Nervosa as a specialized counselor, it is important to consider a
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