There Are Many Ideas And Beliefs About Philosophy.The Applicability

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There are many ideas and beliefs about philosophy. The applicability of a philosophy is personalized to an individual and/or discipline of study. It results in variability of meaning when it comes to defining philosophy. According to Meleis (2012), “philosophy is concerned with the values and beliefs of a discipline and with the values and beliefs held by members of that discipline” (p. 28). After much reflection, I discovered a quote that aligns with my philosophical beliefs. As stated by philosopher Barry Smith (Popova, 2012), I think it’s thinking fundamentally clearly and well about the nature of reality and our place in it, so as to understand better what goes on around us, and what our contribution is to that reality, and …show more content…

Judith A. Shelly and Arlene B. Miller (2006) stated, “In order to understand ourselves in any depth, we must first look to God to know what he intended us to be” (p. 77). Without his presence, I would not have a peace of mind or be very far in life. The people I surround myself with have a considerable influence on what I hold as important in life. My mother is a Special Education Teacher and my father was Engineer for a train company. They instilled in me the importance of hard work, consistency, and patience. I am a wife and mother. In this role, I have to be supportive and love unconditionally. Serving as a nurse, I am in a position to care for individuals in their most vulnerable states. When I go to work, I hold the idea that every patient is somebody’s somebody. This helps me to always treat the patient as if I would want someone to treat my family member. Joyce Travelbee (Meleis, 2012) defined the goal of nursing as the following, to assist an individual or family to prevent or cope with the experience of illness and suffering and, if necessary, to assist the individual or family to find meaning in these experiences (1966, pp. 10-12, 20), with the ultimate goal being the presence of hope (p. 261). Nurses give a sense of hope. It is our responsibility to help patients cope and equip them for their state of health. We provide them with the tools to adapt to the changes necessary to maintain a quality of life. A state of illness

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