There Are Many Undeveloped Countries In The World, Many

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There are many undeveloped countries in the world, many of which are struggling to become developed. They have many things at their disadvantage such as powerful companies creating monopolies in their country, developed countries outsourcing labor into these poor countries and paying very little, overpopulation, under education, poverty, and a strongly patriarchal society. Some countries may have one of these problems, a few, or many of them but it is still a factor prohibiting them from developing. For example, one of these restricting forces is a strongly patriarchal society which may keep countries from developing is not educating the women and or letting them work. If you were to let the woman work or be educated you’d have another …show more content…

And from these problems sprout much more causes of underdevelopment such as overpopulation, under education, poverty, and cultural norms such a strong patriarchal view. But many of these problems mainly sprout from cultural norms such as strong patriarchal views because if there was social equality then there would most likely not be overpopulation, undereducated, and poverty. This is because if for example, women were to be educated they would be more educated about sex and contraceptives and know not to have so many children(unicef). It is known that in a developed country most women are not even having children because they are educated and work as well as seen in Singapore. But this is not the case in places like India and many countries in Africa like Ethiopia and Somalia. In these countries, women have so many children because in their countries men are the ones with the say in everything so most women bear children until they have a boy. But by the time these women get there they have had on average five or more children. This is done so that if the first son born dies they have a spare to be the head of the house after the father. But since these women have so many children they cannot do anything else except care for them such as by cooking and cleaning things for them. So because of this, they are not able to seek jobs besides the fact that men do not let them and there is social discrimination against that too. If these women were educated they would know about

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