There Basic Concepts That Guide An Individual Throughout

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There basic concepts that guide an individual throughout life. Self-belonging is incorporated within those rules. However, what role does culture play in self-belonging? It is a very important concept, they are interdependent aspects of self-fulfillment. The importance of recognizing the values of different opinions toward fulfilling self-actualization in society is expressed in the social identity theory. Thereof, valuing any religion fortifies the comprehension of culture, and freedom of religion aids in establishing societies self-identity.
The Issue
Rock of Ages and a Hard Space (2003) presents the topic of how society regulates religion. The issue consisted on whether the state can determine which studies they can provide funding …show more content…

Thus, the focus of self-identity is kept by allowing the individual to continue their education and group growth.
Culture and Social Identity Theory
Phua (2004) associated culture as an aid in social and economic progression. Thus, culture does not inhibit or deteriorate social expansion. So if schools do not provide funding for such growth in cultural variety. It then promotes a single ideation throughout its organization. Much like a dictator promoting one single view point. It is in a sense allowing the government to dictate what society seems fit in those states. Thus, schools should not dictate whom they provide aid to specifically in determining majors of their students. It is hindering their growth and their right to express how and whom they choose to believe. Although clause 14th establishes that states also should not dictate whom they aid in regards to religion, the base of the problem relies on interpretation (Watson, 2015). Basically, social interpretation of the amendments. Religion and Social Identity Theory
As for religion and social identity, it is the same as culture and social identity. Religion is part of a culture which focuses on combining such ideations into one. It helps in the aid of social structure. If limiting certain religions than the ideation of the self-diminishes. It creates an imbalance in the homeostasis of the identity of an individual or group. As we

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