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“Billiards in the Philippines” Efren “Bata” Reyes, Francisco “Django” Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo, and many more. Anyone who watches the sport of Billiards knows the names mentioned above. They helped bring the Philippines on to the world stage of Billiards. They made the Filipinos rejoice with their victories and the Filipinos cry with their setbacks. But one has to wonder, how did this sport once made this country crazy? How did this sport brought the Filipino dream on to greater heights? In this essay, we will talk about the rise of the sport of pool here in the Philippines. Pocket Billiards, also known as Pool, was brought to the Philippines by the United States …show more content…

Reyes, together with his great pal and fellow Billiard legend Francisco Bustamante, won many tournaments in the coming years and established the Philippines as one of the great powerhouse in the sport of Billiards. Reyes had great matches with rival Fong Pang Chao of Chinese Taipei in the San Miguel Asian 9-Ball tour. Bustamante on the other hand has captured his legacy and the admiration of Filipinos because of his victories and his flamboyance in the game. Bustamante also holds the world record for having the most powerful break shot in Billiards. Django had the chance to be the 2nd Filipino world champion in the World 9- Ball Pool Championships in 2002 however, he lost the finals to the American, Earl Strickland with the score of 17-15. Unknown to many, while the tournament was going on, Bustamante received the news that her baby died. He strongly considered forfeiting the tournament but was persuaded by the people close to him to continue on with the tournament. Despite the 2nd place finish, I am pretty sure that Bustamante made this country proud. During the early 2000s, many Billiard halls were renovated and constructed to accommodate

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