Thesis On Corruption And Poverty

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1.1.1 Definition and concept of corruption
Eric, Spector and Frances, (2003) holds that corruption and poverty have the same footsteps in developing nations. The level of poverty are influenced by Corruption in the both public and private sectors. Occasionally, countries experiencing acute poverty are the natural breeding places for corruption. The worse form of corruption include stealing of funds meant for public projects, diversion of public programs and payment of bribes to avoid health and safety laws designed to profit the public (Jakob Sevensson, 2005)
Therefore, Corruption is defined as an abuse of public office for personal interest.(Chetwynd, Chetwynd & Spector, and 2003 pp 6). Additionally, corruption …show more content…

(Eric, Spector and Frances, 2003) explained. Furthermore, they stated that Corruption affects the poor people in many ways. Government spending are diverted away from valuable projects that poor people could benefit from, such as education, hospitals, and end up increasing public expenditures on projects that are closely attached to kickbacks. Corruption also affect the quality of public service delivery (The World Bank, 1997, pp 8).
The relationships between corruption and poverty have been tested empirically. Therefore, many literatures today agrees with these findings including international organizations but how to attend to this problem remained in hypothesis. Surprise to note is that many literatures record that corruption cannot directly produce poverty however, corruption has direct impact on economic, social and governance, these factors affected by corruption tend to produce poverty themselves.
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The poverty level in Africa depend on country to countries, most countries in Sub- Saharan Africa live in extreme poverty, over 314 million people in Africa live on less than $1 a day almost twice as large population as in 1981. Africa is home to 34 poor nations out of 48 world’s poorest countries and 24 out of 32 nations ranked lowest in HDI. More poverty is evidenced in the rural area than urban areas. South Africa 86%, and CAR 77% record the highest rural population living in extreme poverty (The World Bank

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