Thesis On Liberal Arts Education

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As the world is becoming more specialized, lots of institutions do not cease questioning the role of liberal arts education in equipping proficient students. Nowadays, one can hardly say that the liberal arts should be tossed aside. In fact, liberal arts education appeals more and more people, as it helps develop critical thinking, obtain independence and bring up a citizen of the democracy. As the liberal arts is a synthesis of several elements, it provides a broad base of knowledge by shaping one’s mindset and formulating a nonstandard intellectual position. As the articles suggest, the liberal arts education helps obtain a full picture of the world and prepares to overcome any hardship by endowing a person with creative and analytical thinking. It also teaches focus and self-expression. (Roth, 2014; Keohane, 2012; Guo, 2015) These skills are shaping the mind so that the person starts to orientate immediately under the unfamiliar …show more content…

The world needs citizens who think not only for themselves but also for other inhabitants. It requires the individuals who are not afraid to criticize and be criticized, who always understand and seek for finding solutions to the problems concerning others as well. So, this is what the liberal education provides people with by producing citizens who can deal with sensitivity and become citizens of the world - understand the world from the perspectives of different cultures. (Roth, 2014; Guo, 2015) Hence, the liberal education is an indispensable aspect of a healthy republic as it creates effective leaders as well who often use liberal-arts perspectives in their speeches to formulate a more comprehensive and convincing harangue. (Keohane; 2012) Thus, the liberal education is to form an unprejudiced and open-minded citizenry of

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