Thesis On Nervous Conditions

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Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga
I will be discussing African traditional and westernized lifestyles in relation to the book Nervous Conditions. I will be concentrating on the female characters and their encounters with the cultural oppressive boundaries set upon them.
In African Tradition women were/are seen less valuable than men and treated as second-class citizens and in most black families the men are higher on the patriarchy and placed in the centre of family and community life. In marriage women were/are abused or utilized by the men in their lives. Once married a women becomes a possession and voiceless. African communities also believed that a woman can only be happy in her marriage if she is able to have children, and preferably male children, and if she cannot then she is considered a failure or a curse. It was/is also acceptable for African men to marry more women without even consulting their first wife. Work for women in African tradition are also restricted to their homes, and if a women would like to get a higher levels …show more content…

Nyasha is discriminated against because she is black, female and educated. Nyasha rebelled by smoking which made Tambu agree with Babamukuru (Nyasha’s father) that she was beyond redemption. Nyasha did not kneel because she found it irritating but this showed great disrespect to the cultural

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