Thesis Statement And Discussion Questions On Native Americans

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Jennifer Chiu
AP US History
Chapter 3 Thesis and Discussion Questions

I. Thesis Questions:
1) Analyze The challenges Native Americans faced in both allying with and waging war against European settlers. Be sure to reference different regions.

In the New World of intense commercial competitions, as the conflicts spread to the mainland, these tension started to drew on the Native Americans. During the war of the Spanish Succession 1702-1713, also known as the Queen Anne’s War, sparked the tensions between Britain against France and Spain. English settlers in the Carolinas armed the Creek Indians and later attacked the Spanish Florida, which later on the Spanish unsuccessfully attacked Charleston in South Carolina. At the beginning, the Creeks Indians had the …show more content…

Since the 1560s, the English had sought for mercantilism, using government funding and charters to control manufacturing and foreign trade. When the Navigation Act of 1651 established, trades were limited only to English or colonial merchants. Any sugar or tobacco products can only be exported to England, and mandating colonists imported European goods only through England. The Revenue Act of 1673 imposed a ” plantation duty” on American exports of sugar and tobacco for paying the custom official who enforced these mercantilist laws. However, this enforcement didn’t go successfully, many colonists ignored the laws and continued trading with the Dutch until the wars of 1690s. Soon the Massachusetts Bay Assembly declared these mercantilism laws should be enforced only in Britain, not in America. Customs official Edward Randolph shortly called troops over to America to administer, instead, the Lords of Trade who charged with colonial affairs, blamed the puritan government violating the Navigation Acts and nearly outlawing the Church of

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