Thesis on Capital Structure

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CAPITAL STRUCTURE MANAGEMENT IN NEPAL (A CASE STUDY ON NABIL, NIBL, NEA, NTC & HGICL) Table of Contents: Recommendation I Viva- Voce Sheet II Declaration III Acknowledgement IV List of Figures V List of Tables VI Abbreviation VII CHAPTER I. INTRODUCTION Pg No. 1. Background of the study 1 2. History of bank 5 3. Growth of industries in Nepal 5 4. Statement of problem 7 5. Objectives of the study 8 6. Significance of the …show more content…

Environment encouraging the industrial growth is missing in the picture. The manufacturing sector in Nepal is small contributing 8% of its share to the total G.D.P. It consists mainly of small industries. Capital goods industries are few in number. Most of the sectors manufacture food even though the structure is changing. This sector consists of five sub-sectors namely a. Food, Beverage and Tobacco b. Textile and garment c. Chemical d. Mechanical Engineering e. Electrical and Electronics The production growth has been significant in paper, food, footwear, iron and steel, beverage and chemical industries. Fund is the most important criteria to operate any kind of business or organization. It can be raised by two sources i.e. Equity Capital and Debt Capital. These two sources of capital comprise the total capital structure. Capital Structure refers to the composition of all source and amount of funds collected to use or invest in business. In other words Capital structure refers to the capital and long-term liabilities of balance sheet. Therefore, it includes shareholder’s fund and long term loans. It is different from financial structure as financial structure includes both long term and short term source of financing while capital structure includes only long term source of financing. Thus, a firm’s capital structure is only a part of its financial structure.

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