Theu.s. Owen Phillips 's Impact On The Market For The Year Colleges

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Dr. Owen Phillips you will be interested in my report regarding the impact on the market for four-year colleges and two-year colleges. While also showing some analysis on the market for two-year colleges and four-year if the proposal for free education of two-year colleges was approved. There is some uncertainty with this proposal and its effects on certain four- year colleges. Tennessee is the only state who as implemented this new proposal of free two-year colleges. Their example should be used to see the effects of both two-year and four colleges and the impact it had on the supply and demand of each market which have ensued since. An important factor in determining the effects on the market for both colleges is the students, ultimately …show more content…

But since the recession it more traditional students, unemployed individuals, and adults returning to school have considered 2-year colleges rather than the traditional 4-year college.
Current Demand for Two-Year Colleges Presently the demand for both seem about the same, it all is determined by what a student is looking for at the school. A student might be looking for a school with cheaper tuition in which the demand for 2-year colleges goes up and the demand for 4-year school goes down. “According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees at a two-year school is only $3,131, just over one-third of the cost for a year at a four-year public institution.” (Couch, n.d.). This cheaper tuition draws more students who are being economically thoughtful with their decision. 2-year colleges offer different options after two years you can continue your education at a 4-year college after you save money or while at the 2-year school you could have went into the vocational studies and receive an associate’s degree toward those studies pursuing an trade. A negative effect on the demand for 2-year colleges is that some might believe that a student is not paying for the entire college experience. They might miss out on the, making new friends, going to social events and sporting events. The overall experience of being social and participating in a community that you called your

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