Two Year College versus Trade School

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College (Two year) vs Trade School For some students, the question of what to do after high school may be a burden to even contemplate as it approaches quicker and quicker. The pressure to continue another four (or more) years of education after high school can be overwhelming considering twelve years of schooling has already been completed; why go right back to school again? When’s break time? Some people are simply just not ready for college and they know it, or at least until after they have had a long break or have had some time to recollect themselves. Technically speaking college isn’t for everyone, nor is it necessarily needed for a career. Luckily today, there are many other options that potential career seeking beings can get a head start on such as community colleges and trade/vocational schools. These alternatives to a four year college are considered to be a good start on a job (and maybe even a career). The best benefits of these alternatives involve the cost of attending, the student environment, and the degrees offered. The top overwhelming thing about college would probably be the fact that most universities charge thousands of dollars just for even ONE semester which covers a meal plan, expensive tuition, pricy books, and a proportionate room in which will be shared with a stranger. If one were to attend a community college for their first two years, they will discover that they have saved thousands of dollars and that the credits

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