They Shoot Horses Don 't They?

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They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”
Life is having to make choices when you have nothing to choose from. “They Shoot Horses Don’t They” is set in the time of the depression and represents the reality of the struggle to survive in that time period. Manipulative Rocky’s dance competition was a contest where couples danced on and on until there was no more standing, and at the end they were supposed to receive prize money of 1,500 dollars. The show was set up with the audience as the consumer of entertainment and gambling opportunity, while the dancers had one last shot to make the money they need to survive. Therefore, the contestants must win the competition or have jeopardy due to the cost of losing everything they have being too high. They shoot horses to put them out of their misery and that’s the socio-psychological foreshadow starting off this film. Throughout the film, Gloria mentions wanting to kill herself over and over again to Robert, and at the end of the play persuades him to shoot her in the head as a deed of kindness. This power is also expressed when the referee of the game tries to force Gloria and Robert to get married. He does this by attempting to convince them that it is what would be best for them, and that it would help the couple in the long run in the competition. Furthermore, comes structural power, which is the outline power of this whole film, due to the bribery of money used during our countries Great Depression. This is demonstrated by the referees

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