Things Fall Apart And Chocolat Analysis

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Chocolate Falls Apart
Time and time again, the mantra that one’s actions will carry consequences has been proven true. I too experienced the effects of this statement. When I first moved to Northville during my early elementary years, I was quite lonely and shy. It was very difficult for me to adapt to a new school district and leave my old friends from Farmington behind. To try and fit in better, I decided to become an aggressive wall ball player since wallball was the favored recess activity at the time. I became very talented at the game, but one day, I threw the ball too hard and it hit someone in the eye, landing me in major trouble. In many ways, my experience was similar to those of the characters in both the novel Things Fall Apart and the movie Chocolat . In the novel Things Fall Apart , by Chinua Achebe, and the movie Chocolat , directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the methods characters use to respond to changes in their surroundings demonstrate that actions carry consequences.
Things Fall Apart and Chocolat share many similarities such as both works showing that actions carry consequences when characters attempt to respond to changes in their surroundings. For instance, both Things Fall Apart and Chocolat feature scenes where characters receive punishment for interacting with outsiders different from the majority of the population. In Things Fall Apart , many villagers convert from the Igbo religion to Christianity, a new religion that has recently arrived

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