Things I Hate About Group Projects

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There are so many thing that I hate about group projects. If you want to know what all the things I hate about group projects then just keep on reading. First, a lot of the time someone might do their part. If you have ever noticed that there is usually a person who does not do or finish their part If one person does not do their work it will affect the whole groups grade. I know many people who have done this then the whole group had to work on the part that the kid did not do. Then your teacher will get mad at the whole group for something that that one kid did not do. Then, a lot of the time if you working as a group on a project there will be arguing and fighting about everything. Most people think differently so if one person want this and another person wants that then everyone starts to argue and you do not get any work done. Then those people will stop being friends then everyone hates each other. There are many different reasons why people will start arguing to, someone might start arguing about a color or a pencil. …show more content…

Firsts, the kids start to talk, then get louder, then louder until the kids are basically screaming. It really makes it hard on the teacher when she has kids yelling while she is trying to help other kids. Most of the time the children will start to talk about their papers, then goes off into a totally different conversation. I always will here kids talking about Kings Dominion and homecoming. When were working on an essay about technology. So basically no one will get it done and you will have to give all the children bad grades. Finally, group projects do not work because someone might not do their work or part, people will get mad of simple things, and the take so much more time than they should

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