Think Again: Climate Change, by Bill McKibben

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It is impossible to live on Earth without human emissions of carbon dioxide, also known as CO2. Today in our society, the advancement of technology and increase in the industry productions is necessary for our life to function. It would be difficult for our world to stop completely, which could result in a great depression or even worse. The natural impact to Earth causes rise in sea level, stronger natural disasters, droughts, massive extinctions, temperature increase and etc. As long as the Earth’s climate continues to change dramatically, man-made carbon dioxide emission must be reduced with cooperation of other countries if we are to avert a global warming disaster.
Decades ago, the theory of global warming was considered a conspiracy theory, with the lack of scientific evidence and the acceptance from society. However, in recent years, the controversy has become further familiarized by both scientific experts and the general society. The overall controversy, when arguing about global warming, is whether or not humans have any contribution to the issue. Substantially humans have different point of views to this issue because there is no real one solution to all agree on. In the article “Global Warming,” Veerabhadran Ramanathan states that “the most important environmental issue facing the world today” in understanding the impacts to earth is understanding carbon dioxide (2). For instance, there is a viewpoint…
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