Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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Executive Summary: “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill In the book “Think and Grow Rich,” the author, Napoleon Hill, provides a set of principles that he calls the key to financial success. The idea at the center of these principles is that one becomes what he or she frequently thinks about, in this case success (i.e. rich). Hill lays out a method he created to translate one’s thoughts into reality, creating an insatiable hunger and drive within an individual to succeed. Using the examples of his son and some of America’s legendary iconic business leaders, of which Hill studied and interviewed, including Edwin C. Barnes, he demonstrates that anything one puts his or her mind to can be produced and conceived. “…[All] who have…show more content…
Using his son as another example, Hill shows that even what may seem impossible is attainable and did not let any negative stand in the way of his goal. His son was born with no physical ears, even though the doctor said the contrary, Hill did not want accept the fact that his son was deaf. Hill was determined that his son would hear and speak, and wanted to implant in his son the same burning desire at an early age. Every day, Hill repeatedly told himself that he would not accept his son as a deaf mute. Even though his son had a slight capacity to hear, Hill knew that he could develop a greater hearing capacity. Using what his father taught him, at a young age, he used his affliction to his advantage to earn money selling newspapers. He was able to receive extra money from people because of he was handicapped. As he grew older, his son applied the same principles to his lifelong desire to hear, which became reality after going through trial and error of hearing devices, finally stumbling upon one that worked. Both Hill and his son stayed optimistic and did not accept defeat. Through constant thought of wanting to succeed, even with afflictions that were later turned into assets, was how which the goal of hearing, speaking and ultimate being rich were obtained. This book includes many additional principles, but it is said that each has an underlying secret which makes the reader more active, trying to study the
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