This Book Explores The Chinese Consumers’ Luxury Consumption

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This book explores the Chinese consumers’ luxury consumption in various aspects. In fact, luxury brands are only introduced to mainland China in the recent decades; however, everyone is eager to purchase luxury products in order to show their social status. Lu uses a lot of statistics data to prove his argument in historical, cultural, social, economical, marketing and consumer behavioral perspective. He categorized people by the social status, age, gender, and where these people are coming from in order to explain why Chinese consumers always want to purchase luxury products, which contributes to the deeper understanding of luxury consumption behaviors. Consumers are adopting various lifestyles depend on where he or she lives, and they …show more content…

The aspire to become part of what luxury products represent and, as soon as their finances permit, are very happy to fulfill long-held dreams by buying goods and brands that help them satisfy their personal and social aspirations” (Lu, 24). This term is used in the reading refers to Chinese consumers are dreaming about certain luxury products, and they will work hard and save money; once they are able to afford this product, they will purchase it and feel extreme satisfaction. The behavior of purchasing the luxury product is the combination of both positive and negative. Positively, luxury products become a goal, so people will work hard in order to reach this goal. Negatively, people use luxury products to cover the true self. Some people may use fake luxury products to fake their success; as a result, they only receive a bunch of fake products without trying to purchase an authentic one. 4. QUOTATION ANALYSIS “Asian people influenced by Confucianism believe that one of the fundamental needs is to be respected by others. Having this respect is a key indicator of social superiority. This respect can be gained and expressed in every aspect of daily life. To acquire the respect of others, people in ancient time made efforts to be selected as scholar-bureaucrats through a series of state-organized examinations. In today 's society, the need of respect is expressed in different ways,

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