This Essay, Will Draw Upon My Own Personal Experiences

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This essay, will draw upon my own personal experiences of building a therapeutic relationship using case study of a service user in practice. This will then be analysed and discussed to show the importance of such a relationship using Peplau theoretical framework. It could be argued that therapeutic relationship is at the heart of nursing due to interpersonal approach. This relationship is defined by Peplau (1988, pp9-11) as
“one in which two persons come to know one another well enough to face the problem at hand in a co-operative way. The relationship of nurse to patient can be represented on a continuum; at one end are two individuals with separate goals and interests; at the other end are two persons working together to solve a …show more content…

When first admitted n Ann presents as grossly psychotic, with chaotic thinking and very agitated. She was also detained under section 2 of the Mental Health Act (MHA).

Orientation is the first phase of Peplau theoretical framework. This is where the nurse starts to engage the SU in treatment, answer questions and offer explanations. Peplau (1988) also states at this stage we are strangers. Therefore, it is needed to build a rapport before any sort therapeutic relationship can be formed. Doing this will encourage trust and warmth in the relationship, discussing non health related issues can help at this point as this displays warmth and genuine interest in person rather than them merely just being a ‘patient’ (Townsend, 2013). Upon meeting Ann, she displayed low self-esteem often apologizing for herself. At this point to help build rapport it is important to remember Carl Rodgers (1951) principle of unconditional positive regard. Showing Ann positive regard can be done by simply calling her by her name, spending enough and allowing sufficient time for her ask and receive answers to any questions or concerns she may have. Doing this can help the nurse convey respect and dignity towards client and reassure that she will be cared for and helped (Raskin, Rogers, & Witty, 2011). At this stage it often useful to set boundaries, as well as explain the roles and what Ann could expect from nursing staff. Setting boundaries

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