This Past Week Was My Fifth Full Week On My Unit. I Am

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This past week was my fifth full week on my unit. I am currently on 4 west and occasionally 7 east, both of which are medical/surgical floors. Four west is my primary unit and also contains some PICU rooms. I have been able to build rapport and establish therapeutic relationships with a few chronic patients, and fortunately, I have been able to create professional relationships with staff. While typically staff on this unit are not as receptive to child life presence during procedures or medical assessments, I have had the opportunity to advocate for and demonstrate child life services during medical procedures/assessments. During my medical/surgical rotation I have been focusing on the following modules from the ACLP internship …show more content…

I have created a substantial therapeutic relationship with this patient and her mother, and I am aware that this patient is distressed by even the mention of her PICC dressing changes because she dislikes adhesive peeling off of her skin. We have worked to create a coping plan with this patient for her PICC dressing changes, her Lovenox injections, and lab draws. After dropping the patient off at her room, I found this RN and advocated for my presence during the procedure. To my surprise, this RN was extremely receptive and agreed to page me for the procedure. When I was paged I went down to the unit and touched based with the RN and headed to the patient’s room. I entered the room with 3 of the distraction materials we use most often (an iPad/Find It Tube/Play-Doh) and allowed the patient to choose which one she would like to be used today. The patient chose the Find It Tube and I asked her if she would want mom to sit on the bed with her and she replied yes. Mom engaged in a comfort hold where she sat behind the patient. I also grabbed a ball of Play-Doh and selected a game on the iPad and put it on the table behind us as backup plans, since oftentimes we have to switch distraction toys. The dressing change was quick and the distraction was extremely successful. The RN went out of her way later to thank me, and it made me feel like she actually saw how important our presence can be in procedures. In all, this specific intervention was

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