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This research paper look to take a deep look into The Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act sponsored by Geoff Davis. It looks to understand the reasoning behind the idea of this bill, taking a look at the staggering statistics of children within the foster care system, as well as a fundamental understanding of each component within the bill. There has been over 30,000 child increase in the foster care system within the last few years that leaves us to ask a question asked by the senator of Texas. Should this bill simply be renewed, or should funding be increased to reflect these changes to insure that all children within the system see this funding and receive the help during and after the time in foster care. …show more content…

Finally, the unfortunate facts for case workers is they get burned out, they are overwhelmed and overworked and as a result we see a high turnover rate (Davenport, 2015). Whether the reasoning behind the increase is a result of positive reasons or negative its significant jump is a sign of an issue. There are simply to many children within the system needing families, therapy, and a stable environment before harm is done.
The Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act
The passing of The Child and Family Service Improvement and Innovation Act, H.R. 2883, was essentially put into place to counteract some of the dangers of the foster care system. It Put in place more required regulations of case workers, but perhaps also played the unfortunate role in the increased burnout of those within the field of child and family services. Regardless of this potential repercussion, the bill holds true intentions to make the system not only function better, but improve the care and quality of child and family services. Put into federal law September 24, 2011, it has been working towards progress and improvements within the system (H.R. 2883 (112th): Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act, 2011).
Legislations Goals of H.R. 2883. The goals of this legislation are substantial and numerous. From its more obvious influences directly

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