Thomas Jefferson And Abraham Lincoln

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Self-respect is a difficult topic to define. It is often addressed and illustrated throughout fiction and history, yet the majority of people find it difficult to define in a way that isn’t shallow. Some might argue that self-respect is irrelevant and should not play a hand in the choices a person makes. Despite what others may say, it is an undeniable fact that individuals should always work to protect their personal pride. A person should always make decisions in an effort to maintain self-respect because it helps him to make good decisions in the future, preserve his own personal identity, and earn respect from those around him.
History is flooded with important leaders and figures. Some of the best leader’s America has ever seen are Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Jefferson played an incredibly important role in the foundation of America. In his two terms he managed to cut the national debt and military in half, and expand the country itself by more than half with the Louisiana purchase. Jefferson was able to do these things because he had such a strong head on his shoulders - he had firm beliefs and refused to back down from them. While it may be argued that Jefferson did go against his word most of the time, his pride allowed him to act against what he preached because he knew his actions would be successful. President Lincoln is best known for the addition of the 13th amendment to the constitution and the emancipation proclamation, ending all slavery in
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