John Adams And Abraham Lincoln

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Despite the disparity in the popularity ratings between the two presidents, John Adams and Abraham Lincoln are both indispensable figures in American history. In times of crisis, both of these men made big, consequential decisions to keep the country from falling apart. However, while Lincoln is commemorated for abolishing slavery and leading the Union in the Civil War, John Adams is remembered for the mistakes of his presidency—the Alien and Sedition Acts he issued that took away certain constitutional rights endowed to the American people. Both presidents thought they were doing what was necessary at the time to keep the United States from falling apart, but the contrasting approaches they used left opposite impressions. This can be contributed to the fact that almost all aspects of their lives, personal and professional, were opposite. So, while both presidents essentially did the same thing in saving America from falling apart, their reputations are so different now because of the way their lives and situations influenced the decisions they made.
HBO’s John Adams begins in 1770, as the colonies are on their way to revolting against the British Crown. The series begins with Adams’ life right before the revolution and follows the rest of his life for the first fifty or so years of American history. Before having anything to do with politics, John was a lawyer, a fairly successful one. He and his wife Abigail have an amazing relationship. Abigail makes up for all of John’s

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