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“I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” - Thomas Jefferson. I'm a firm believer in this statement as wise sounding as it is because I've found it to be true on multiple occasions. In life academically, athletically as well as personally it seems that there is no problem that cannot be fixed without hard work, The “luck” that Jefferson is referring to is the rewards for working hard and that is relatable through the good grades, the wins in games, as well as personal fulfillment in life. In the beginning of the year taking multiple advanced classes as well as participating in varsity sports was overwhelming however i eventually became accustomed to it and it was only a matter of time until i excelled. …show more content…

The first and foremost would be Ms. Heaney for she taught me one simple yet blaringly important lesson, So What? She taught me this in the purpose of making me a better writer but in the end she helped me further myself as an individual. Yes it applies in writing as to why are we writing and the impression one wants to leave with they're reader but it also allowed me to see what i'm doing through new eyes. With a new purpose. It made me want to do things with the intent of leaving those who see me and witness what i do with a sense of awe, with a respect, to leave the wiser for it. So thank you Ms. heaney for this valuable lesson. The second person i would like to thank would be Ms. Morris because she always believed in me. I know times weren't all that bright in her classroom when i would fail her exam or i would misinterpret lab instructions. But she would never give up on me and yes she may have messed with me a little but she always helped me move forward. So thank you Ms. Morris for always believing in me which ultimately helped me believe in myself more. Lastly i would like to thank Coach Damien Gentry for holding me to such a high standard. He held me to a light that not even i expected of myself and i grew the better for it. I learned to never let anyone think less of me and to not think less of myself, im capable of great things i just need to get after

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