Thomas Jefferson Biography Essay

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Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13,1743 in west Virginia on Shadwell Plantation. He was the third oldest of his eight siblings of Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph. Jefferson’s earliest education began in 1752 at the school ran by a Scottish minister named William Douglas. At the age of nine , Jefferson began learning French, Greek, and Latin. After his father’s death in 1757, Jefferson gained control of his father's land and many slaves.In the years of 1758 to 1760, he attened a scooled owned by James Maury where he gained knowledge in the areas of classic education such as history and science. In 1760, HE enrolled at The College Of William and Mary in Williamsburg. There he studied math,Metaphysics and philosophy. He graduated with honors…show more content…
Also, he proposed bills that made death as the penalty in only murder or treason cases, but many of the bills were not approved and rape remained punishable by death.Shortly after,Jefferson served as the governor of Virginia from 1779-1781. He served as minister from 1785 to 1789 to France.In 1789, Jefferson became the first Secretary of State in 1790 under president George Washington.In 1796 , Jefferson failed at being elected for vice president , but he successfully elected in 1797.He first ran for president in 1800 but not with his party which was abnormal during that time period. He began his first term on February 17, 1801.After presidency , Jefferson remain involved in politics . He was especially involved in education , and he tried to promote education for all people.He also helped with the architectural aspects of the University of Virginia.Later, he was named the father of the University.Thomas Jefferson died on July 4,1826, which was the 5oth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.Jefferson is buried at his childhood home at Monticello in
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