Thomas More Hero Or Villain

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In today’s day and age being a hero or celebrity usually requires one being either a respectable athlete, powerful figure, fashionable guru, or trendy with young adults. In the medieval ages, this was quite different since those that were known among people then were the kings, artists, and holy men; but are these two groups really that different? Many would point to both the mistakes and accomplishments of today’s famous people, and the same should be done for previous generations. One such religious man and magistrate named Thomas More made an impact in Europe during the 1500’s and was regarded as a saint by many, and a villain by others. What was he really? As is observed in the reading, Thomas More lived both the roles of hero and villain, because as every other person on this earth, he was human.
Thomas More had above all a great deal of integrity as was displayed by his denial of pronouncing loyalty to the king at his time King Henry VIII. In his letters he wrote, “The King’s good servant, but God’s first.” The courage he displayed is a good indicator of his goodness and example that many people respect to this day. He was a God-fearing man who wrote many books, including Utopia which described the attributes of a perfect society. He then used these ideas to attack corruption within the Catholic Church. His actions emboldened his friends, including Erasmus and many of his practices, and taught his daughters the same education as his sons. Many of More’s ideas were

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