Thomas More Utopian Society

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Religion is something that is frequently studied due to the complexities and interpretations that develop over time. Thomas More is a figure who many scholars spend a significant amount of time studying due to his strong influence and views regarding the Protestant Reformation in England. What baffles many scholars about More is the contradictory nature of his book Utopia, which discusses an ideal society that allows freedom of religion, when looking at the Response to Luther which he published later in his life. As a man who spent the remainder of his life defending the Catholic Church and attacks Martin Luther for his public division from Church, it is surprising More would write something that states varying beliefs can exist in a society that not only functions, but thrives. There are many scholars who have and will continue to …show more content…

Overall there are two basic types of ideal worlds, one in which world functions perfectly due to strict laws and guidelines and one that ignores practicality and thrives on all the lavishes in life. More’s Utopia describes a society with a strict social and political structure in which everyone works equally as hard and gets an equal share of what the society possesses. Raphael, the man who had travelled to the utopian society in Utopia discusses various aspects of religion. He states that there are multiple different religions among the island, “On this point, indeed, all the different sects agree- that there is one Supreme Being, Who is responsible for the creation and management of the universe, and they all use the same Utopian word to describe Him: Mythras.” Raphael is stating that the majority of the religions of Utopia were closely related, a description of religion that seems to describe Christianity with many different sects that have slight differences in their beliefs but all believe in the same god, all of whom began to develop during More’s

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