Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Assignment

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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Assignment
Thomas Paine published Common Sense in January of 1776, and it was a motive that pushed for America to gain freedom from British rule. Paine used Common Sense as a way to explain to the Colonist just what Britain was doing to the colonies and what they were stopping them from achieving. Paine used language that colonist used in everyday life so that it was more appealing to them. Being that it was written in an easy to understand language and stated what the colonist wanted to hear it appealed to everyone such as soldiers, laborers, and all common people of the colonies.
Thomas Paine’s main motive for writing Common Sense was for it to be used as a persuasive tool to get America to revolt against Britain and become a separate country. I found many points that explain why Paine wrote his pamphlets. Paine was simply sick of British rule on the colonies and by writing his pamphlets was an easy and effective way to speak to the colonist. Paine was telling the American colonist that they have the resources and every right to rule themselves rather than be ruled by someone half way across the globe. Paine’s main reason for remaining anonymous was because of the treasonable content. I also believe Paine choose to stay anonymous because he may have been scared of losing the trust of colonist and being looked down upon. Many colonists thought that separating from Britain was going to create a war.
Paine refers to society and government

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