Thomas Paine And The Bill Of Rights

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Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and the Bill of Rights are three things that have some sort of connection. Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson both have documents. Their documents were both a result for the rule that Great Britain had over us. The Bill of Rights is also a piece where its writing had to do with a freedom type document written to let others feel free. Thomas Paine was one of the great supporters of the American Revolution. He was a journalist and used his utensils to get the public to break free from Great Britain. When Revolution against the British Empire came, Thomas Jefferson was not JUST ready. Before he wrote his main legendary contribution to the revolutionary cause, he wrote Summary View, the most important contribution to The Declaration of Independence. In 1791, the Bill of Rights, which included 10 amendments, was approved into the constitution. The document’s purpose was to make clear the rights of the people that the government could not trespass upon. These amendments logically became an important part of the original document, making them part of ‘The Supreme Law of the Land. Thomas Paine and Jefferson, as well as the bill of rights, all share a common theme.

Thomas Paine wrote secretly, yet spoke to the public on the occasion of him speaking out about his beliefs. The first pamphlet he published, persuading liberation from Britain, was called Common Sense. Paine believed that America needed to break free of the British controls. He was against

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