Thor and the Odyssey Essay

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In the movie Thor the title character is cast out of Asgaurd by his father and returns by proving himself worthy of his power and his father’s thrown. Similarly, the Odyssey is about Odysseus’ long journey back to his kingdom after the Trojan War. Thor and the Odyssey are very alike; but great hardship and historical literature reveals a contrast. Both narratives compare as timeless tales of reputable heroes. They both include similar plots of long journeys back home. The main characters’ flaws are arrogance which is the source of many of their troubles. Thor and Odysseus’ biggest character flaw is arrogance. Their arrogance leads them into even worst situations that could have easily been prevented. In the Odyssey,…show more content…
Thor was also known as the strongest person alive, flying around with a hammer called Mjolnir. In the movie Mjolnir makes devastating blows and at first seems to be the source of his power. Odysseus was more of a thinker but remains a great warrior. The Odyssey is Odysseus personal sequel to the Iliad. In the narrative he is returning from the Trojan War as the most important warrior in the whole war. In the Odyssey he defeats the Cyclops by blinding him and sneaking out of captivity, he withstands the cannibals, he even turn Circe into his lover, who was once an enemy that turned half of his men into pigs. Then he defeated the many suitors threading his kingdom. The two warriors are displayed throughout history in literature and in popular culture. Some stories about Sinbad in “A Thousand and One Arabian Nights” were taken directly from homer making Sinbad a smart and mighty warrior just like Odysseus. Like when Sinbad out whit the Cyclops just as Odysseus did, on the island of Colossa a Cyclops chases Sinbad from a valley into a cave where they eventually are locked up in a cage. Sinbad manages to lift the hatch and blinds the Cyclops wit a torch after he kills three few of his men; much like Odysseus when he blinded Polyphemus and escapes the island. The television show Stargate SG-1 features an alien race called the Asgaurd race. According to the series they are friendly yet powerful. Thor is a member of the Asgaurd High Council and their spaceships were in
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