Though Shall Not Kill Led to No War for the Conscientious Objectors

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During the First World War, Britain announced conscription which meant that it was compulsory for men aged between16 to 19 to join to war, which made the Britain army massively increase in power. However some people refused the war for to join, reasons being that they were pacifists or religious objectors who followed the words of bible as it says in the bible “thou shall not kill” so were against the idea of shedding blood of their own kind. These people were own as conscientious objectors or short for conchies, conchies had a bad reputation within the eyes of to the government and general public as, general public saw conchies as criminals and tarter of their country, which resulted in segregation from general public. Furthermore, the …show more content…

However, a secondary interpretation is by people who researched an event or issue to make a judgement

During the war period the government had to ensure that they could enlist as many men as possible to join the war effort so propaganda techniques were used to encourage men to join. Source B2 shows a propaganda poster which, these types of posters were created with the interpretation that men were not joining the war as they were cowards. The source is from recruiting pamphlet for the king Shropshire light infantry in 1915. The target of using children to provoke beliefs of cochies is deemed through the propaganda poster. The interpretation is based on the government point of view in persuading men to change their thought about the war, through the propaganda poster we are deemed that men had to sense guilt and embarrassment towards their children, as what would your children think of you, as a starter of their country, would they be proud of the beliefs you embraced. As being propaganda poster is exaggerates within the source which compromises the reliability as it forces men to join the war and abscond the beliefs which contradict their policy of life. However being a primary interpretation it deems negative effects because the poster forces men to feel guilt and embarrassment through the concept of family.

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