Three Example Of The Three Contributions Of Sumarians And The Sumerians

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Mankind has evolved drastically over time and most of our creations are thanks to our ancestors. Ideas were created and started by them, and as time passed humans have learned from their errors and fixed mistakes to improve our societies. These achievements have helped humans all around the world. Three examples of the most important achievements are copper and bronze tools, first writing, and building styles by the Sumerians, first written law code by the king of Babylon, and water systems by the Egyptians.
The Sumerians have three different achievements. According to document number 1, the Sumerians developed copper and bronze tools and weapons, the first type of writing known as cuneiform and building styles. Today bronze and copper tools and weapons are used for multiple purposes. For example, weapons helped armies succeed in their battles and tools helped farmers tend their crops much easier. The first plows developed were made out wood but later in 1785, the first metal plow was created by James Small in Scotland. The domestication and the growth of agriculture caused inequalities between genders. In the paleolithic era males hunted and females gathered. Both roles were important to survive, but when plants were domesticated at the start to the Neolithic era, female status decreases because the gathering was necessary anymore and men maintained the crops and animals. This left females to take care of the house.
Because agriculture was growing thanks to the development
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