Three Important Ideas from She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron

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Moving from Age of Reason to the Romantics period a lot changed about the author’s works in literature. Those poets who belong to the Age of Reason roughly 1700 and those many famous poets before them all wrote different types of poetry. Throughout decades of this country there have been many different changes to poetry: it has evolved in each country meaning it evolved plenty around the world. Poets like William Wordsworth, William Blake and Lord Byron coming from the old part of the romantics and the new part of the romantic period where poets of this time wanted to make poetry easier to read and understand, but have deeper meaning besides the obvious. A poet mentioned from this time period, Lord Byron was very focused on this type of poetry becoming one of the most famous and most important poets of in our history. A poem that is very popular and important was known as She Walks in Beauty. This poem goes from simple to complex giving out many messages within the poem in different stages of Byron’s life. However, in the poem titled She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron, Byron conveys three important ideas; the appearance of the lady, differentiating from opening lines to closing lines, and emphasizes the spiritual aspect of the lady. First of all, Lord Byron uses the second stanza of the poem She Walks in Beauty to explain the lady’s physical appearance. When Lord Byron begins his poem explaining the physical appearance of the lady he explains her beauty. In the first stanza

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