Three Sisters Reflection

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Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhow, takes the audience on a journey about the lives of three Russian sisters who showcase their unique personalities and each go through personal struggles which remind us of the idea that as humans our life paths are not always going to the greatest but there is always hope for a better future. The most magical part of observing the lives of the three sisters was seeing how much they evolved throughout the play and how much their personalities changed based on the experiences they were each going through. I attended the Clarence Brown Theatre performance of Three Sisters on October 12, 2017 and witnessed actor’s expression of emotions and personalities through their movements. Some of the movements that stood …show more content…

Every time her crush/lover came into the scenes, we saw her drive completely change into more of a near action drive. Her weight became lighter as you could see more flowy body language, her facial expressions became more relaxed, and even her voice got so much softer as she talked to Aleksander. I could also see that she was in love with him as sustained time became more relevant. You could see how she would get lost in his eyes as he proposed his love for her. At times, she would also just stare at him as he talked and it almost seemed like she would go into another dimension where she had all the time in the world to listen to him ramble on and on. As the performance went on we saw her become crazy in love with Aleksander, even almost delusional for him. In one scene, she threw a tantrum as he was trying to leave and her arms and legs clutched to his body like a Pitbull’s jaws locks when biting/attacking its prey. Overall, I absolutely adore Carlene and I think she did such an extraordinary job playing Marsha that I could not keep my eyes off her. Another actress that stood to me was Lauren Pennline who played the character of “Irina.” Irina was an interesting character to watch evolve throughout the play and a lot of events that occurred changed her into a different person. In the first scene of the play, we see this beautiful young woman who is full of life and happiness. There is a mixture of light

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