Three Times Lucky Character Analysis

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Reading Log- 1st Quarter Summary: The book Three Times Lucky, written by Sheila Turnage, is about a young girl and boy who are best friends. They think of themselves as detectives who go out and solve some of the town’s biggest problems. Mo and Dale are with each other through all of this and they do not leave each other’s sides. The kids are having a great summer until they find out about the murder of Mr. Jessie. As professional detective, Starr is hired for the case, Mo and Dale decide they want in on finding out who killed Mr. Jessie. While all of this is going on, Mo’s adoptive parents are kidnapped by the murderer of Mr. Jessie. Everybody in the small town is there for Mo and they all do whatever they can to find her parents. In all of this a huge hurricane is coming their way. As they prepare for the storm, Mo gets a call from the Colonel telling her that he escaped and ends up coming back home to Mo. They are both very excited to finally see each other after a long time. They are happy to be together, but Miss Lana still isn’t with them. The Colonel, Mo, and Dale set out in the hurricane to go rescue Miss Lana. They end up finding Miss Lana at the old house of Mr. Jessie. They call Detective Starr and he comes to arrest the murderer. They all are pretty shaken up about this experience but they go back to living their normal lives. Main Characters: One of the main characters in Three Times Lucky is Moses LoBeau. Moses is a rising 6th grader that lives in Tupelo

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