Throughout The Beginning Of The Course We Have Read A Wide

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Throughout the beginning of the course we have read a wide variety of short stories all written by people from different backgrounds and nations. Despite these differences I have found that there is a continuing theme in the majority of the works we have read. Many of these stories are about a character or characters journey and what this reveals to them about themselves or the world around them. In particular Young Goodman Brown, Araby and A Good Man Is Hard to Find all deal a character 's realization of the bitter world they live in. The journey is merely a prompt or tool that helps to unearth the misery that each character finds. I will be comparing and contrasting the characters journeys in the three stories and determining what I …show more content…

It is very important that as a boy who is growing up that he “proves” himself to Mangan’s sister as a person who is worthy of her love.
Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find has the Grandmother going on this journey with her family out of necessity but even this is different from the young boys necessity. “She wouldn’t stay at home for a million bucks... Afraid she’d miss something. She Has to go everywhere we go” (O’Connor 277). June Starr comes to this conclusion, but I get the feeling that she goes with the family on this journey because she doesn’t want to be left out. The family already doesn’t listen to her and the children are cruel brats, but the fear of being alone is perhaps too much for her to handle. Each story has a different reason or motivation for travelling, but there are some similarities mixed amongst the differences here.
If the motivation for journeying has it’s similarities and differences so does the outcome of each character 's journey. Hawthorne sends Young Goodman Brown on a trip through Hell as he comes to realize that everyone who he had looked up to and loved is apart of a pagan ritual involving the Devil. Again there is some ambiguity with this conclusion as it is never spelled out for the reader if this ritual was all a dream or not, but nonetheless it changes Young Goodman Brown. “A stern, a sad, a darkly meditative, a distrustful, if not a desperate

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