Throughout The Duration And Both Plays, Hamlet And Othello,

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Throughout the duration and both plays, Hamlet and Othello, the theme of revenge presides over the plot heavily. From the sin of Claudius killing Hamlet senior to Othello giving Cassio the title of lieutenant both ignite fierce opposition with the thought of retribution. Though there is opposition to those two decisions, nothing follows with any order or morality. Instead of serving proper justice to Claudius or disagreeing with Othello’s decision, the two men are brought to utter catastrophe. As Hamlet and Iago lead their own charge against the people who have wronged them, many red flags raise about their mental states. Hamlet and Iago both display proper criteria for Bipolar 1 Disorder through their signs of manic and depressive …show more content…

They understand he is still grieving his father’s death but that does not justify him to following a ghost alone somewhere unknown. Marcellus and Horatio know Hamlet’s safety could be in jeopardy so they try holding him back. When Hamlet realizes the resistance from his men, he yells out “still am I called. Unhand me, gentlemen. By heaven, I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me! I say, away!-Go on. I’ll follow thee” (Ham. I. v. 55). This serious episode that Hamlet displays is showing his lack of regard towards his men. Hamlet threatens death to Marcellus and Horatio by not letting him go, which in the moment they were only trying to protect him from harm. The men believe the uncertain entity is threatening to all of them and Hamlet does not seem to acknowledge where the guards are coming from. Within the American Psychological Association manual, manic speech is characterized by “complaints, hostile comments, or angry tirades, particularly if attempts are made to interrupt the individual” (A.P.A. Sect. II). The fact that Hamlet’s moment with the guards exactly mirrors what the official manual states is very evident that Hamlet does suffer from manic episodes. Progressing through the play, Hamlet is seen not just in manic states but depressed states. These are his low points and are, in most cases, the other side of Bipolar 1 Disorder. During his to be or not to be speech, Hamlet talks about life in a very depressive

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