Thucydides ' Retelling Of The Peloponnesian War

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In ancient Greek times, it was typical for all written texts to focus on the Greek Gods and their omnipotence. Thucydides’ retelling of the Peloponnesian War is considered a secular text mainly due to the fact that the work was one of the first of its time period to not put any emphasis on the Gods. Many believe that the work’s lack of religious referencing is what makes it secular; however, under further examination, the reason the text does not discuss Gods could be due to the overall topic and theme of the book. Since Thucydides is based primarily on the history of the Peloponnesian War, the lack of referencing to the Gods may have been unintentional on Thucydides’ part. The Old Testament, in opposition to Thucydides as a secular text, was written for religious purposes. Since the Old Testament is predominantly composed of religious prophecies, and its purpose is utilized in different religions, it is considered a religious work.
Thucydides wrote his work as a historical and objective work for readers to learn about the Peloponnesian War. The lesson that readers are intended to learn from this work is that we must learn from our past mistakes, such as going to war for no logical reasons. Thucydides may not have incorporated any Gods into his work because of the fact that the purpose behind his objective work was to teach future generations of mankind’s faults of creating this war. Thucydides wrote this as he first-handedly observed the Peloponnesian War in Greece and

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