Thunder Games Impact Oklahoma City Essay

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The Oklahomans have always been looking for a high profile team to represent basketball in their state, the Thunder organization has accomplished more than you can imagine by helping this city become what it is today. Today Oklahoma City has many fans that go to Thunder games and cheer on as they are kept at their toes in suspense for the next highlight reel. The Thunder has impacted Oklahoma City in many ways including, economy improvement, business profits, and promotes our entire state. The economy of Oklahoma has reached new heights after the Thunder established a dominant position in the National Basketball Association. After each game was won the popularity of the dynamic duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook excited many…show more content…
The businesses were down when the Thunder first started out in Oklahoma City and had many losses. The Thunder moved from Seattle where they were called the Super Sonics. The Thunder used to be the worst team in the NBA a few years ago. Now the Thunder has added new pieces to the puzzle to become successful in the NBA franchise. The Thunder did not have an experienced coach who got along with the players, so the owner found a new coach for the team. The team went from being one of the worst in the NBA to becoming one of the best teams with the youthful leaders like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The winning streaks of the Thunder have helped them gain support from every state in the United State.
As the Thunder started soaring to victory, the businesses started booming with profit. The rate that the products were being sold helps the city in many ways, by being more useful for the public funds. Since the city does not have any other major sports organization present, it can use many of its funds to help the team prosper and add new players to the roster to win a championship for the city. “I want to win a championship” (Taylor 2). The determination and fire was always with Kevin Durant and he wanted to grow with his team and lead them to victory. He was not fazed by the money or the fame, all he had was his love for the game. This same passion has led him to where he is today as the top scorer in the NBA and various other
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