Tidal Energy and the Methods to Harness It Essay

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Tidal Energy and the Methods to Harness it
The world is in a crisis. Traditional energy sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas are dwindling at an alarming rate. Governments are struggling to purchase those resources in enough volume to feed their citizens. It is becoming abundantly clear that something needs to be done to meet, and eventually surpass current energy demands. One of the resources that is essentially unlimited is a resource called Tidal Energy. Tidal Energy has been estimated that it can create 2110 terrawatt-hours in the United States (7) alone. That is an astonishing amount of energy.

Tidal Energy:
Tidal energy is a form of energy that is formed when water rises and falls due to the gravitational pull from the sun and the moon. This makes this form of energy very predictable. There is a term called Tidal Range which means that it is the vertical change in height and between high and low tides. Because of this there is a way to capture the tide at its highest point by capping off the inlet at the tides highest point, and at low tide letting the water inside the inlet/lagoon flow through turbines installed in the walls. So power is generated as the tide goes flows in and out. This process is very similar to how a hydro-electric dam operates. This happens twice a day, but can produce an enormous amount of energy each of those times. This technology is called a Barrage. (4, 5)
Another term is called Tidal Stream which is the flow of…