Tidal Energy In Nova Scotia

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Over the years, Nova Scotia has been trying to make the transition into using more renewable energy, as conventional energy is very harsh on the surrounding environment. This can be a difficult task, as renewable energy is much more costly and is less reliable than conventional energy. Conventional energy is beneficial for Nova Scotia because the resources needed are “abundant and affordable” (Scheid, page 1). Just seven years ago, Nova Scotia was at 10% renewable generation and in 2015, by law, Nova Scotia Power had to get that number up to 25%. By 2020, the province should be at 40% renewable generation so something must be done over the next few years to get Nova Scotia there. I believe that the most effective way for Nova Scotia to balance …show more content…

This is why tidal energy generation would be much more efficient than hydroelectricity energy generation in Nova Scotia because there are not many strong flowing rivers. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) located in California stated that the Bay of Fundy had potential to be the best site in North America for tidal energy generation. I believe that Nova Scotia should take advantage of these tides and use them as an important resource for our province. After the costs of the infrastructure and maintenance, tidal energy generation would be essentially free, as the tides move on their own. A lot of energy can be created through tides, as tidal power is very sensitive to speed. The amount of energy formed is the cube of the speed of the water. For example, if the speed of the flowing water doubles, the energy output is eight times greater. This energy can be formed from both the change in the height of tides, which is potential energy, and the flow of the water, which is kinetic energy.. As of now, the main technologies used are in-stream devices, barrages, and tidal lagoons. I think the best solution for Nova Scotia right now would be to build a tidal lagoon in the bay of Fundy. A tidal lagoon is like a barrage (which is essentially a dam built across the whole estuary) but it can be built as a self contained structure. This makes the cost much lower and they can also continuously generate, unlike a

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