Time Machine Analysis

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The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, created in 1960, is a movie about time travel and is about the protagonist, George, in the year 1900, who has by remarkable means created a time machine, and attempts to convince his friends of time travel and the fourth dimension. The Time Machine is a classic of “cinematic Science Fiction” that is familiar in today’s society. Even in today’s world, The Time Machine is still a fairly well put together movie, with accomplished production values and admirable special effects, which are good even if it is somewhat dated. It will honorably last for the history of movie production and will be remembered for it’s science fiction beginnings and creative ingenious views on time travel mostly because of its themes,…show more content…
He resumes his expedition of time to 1966 to find that his town has turned into a particularly large and densely populated city, with incredible industrial technology advances and largely commercialized. He spots James Filby again and he is urged to take immediate cover in the fallout shelters underground. The viewer can hear the distinct sounds of the air raid sirens blaring in the city, when, a nuclear explosion creates a volcanic eruption. George hurries to the time machine to travel to the future, when the lava forms around him and subsequently hardens, trapping George underground.
George travels forward to the year 800,000 to when the rock has eroded away and he is faced with a luscious green scenery. This sparks the idea that this is a whole new and peaceful life George could live in. He curiously walks around and notices already a building with a statue on top of a head similar to a sphinx. He investigates his way through the forest and spots countless vegetation and fruits hanging from trees, until he hears something acutely familiar… laughing, to which he goes closer to observe. There are recognizable beings that look human, relaxing and lounging, while it looks like they have no worries in their lives. They can be described as the Eloi; all blonde,
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