Time Management Tips For Employers

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Time Management Tips for Employers
If you are an employer and small business owner, time management becomes critical for making the most of your business, achieving your goals and even fostering loyalty from customers and employees. The following five time-saving tips will help you get more done in your available time without generating stress or working 80-hour weeks.

1. Planning Your Work
Planning your work is the most important strategy for effective time management. The small business owner can 't do everything personally, so planning the business day is essential for determining what 's most important, what only the owner can do and what can safely be handled by other employees, friends or family members. As an employer, you have a lot of pressure to make decisions, meet deadlines, complete paperwork and handle issues like customer service and getting to know your customers. If you want to stay on-point and get more done, try following these planning suggestions:

Prioritize tasks in order of importance and urgency.
Put a checkmark beside tasks that only you can do.
Carry a schedule, and refer to it often.
Keep a phone, tablet, diary or daily planner handy to record appointments, deadlines and ideas.
Set designated times to handle interruptions, employee conferences and other matters, and insist that people wait until that time except in urgent cases.
Ignore phone calls and emails until the time you’ve set aside to deal with them.
Plan to spend the most time on

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