Research Solutions for Time Management

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Research Solutions for Time Management Roshawnda Brooks Gen 200 University of Phoenix Time Management “Time management is important for everyone. While time management books and seminars often place their focus on business leaders and corporations, time management is also crucial for students, teachers, factory workers, professionals, and home makers. Managing work and home responsibilities under the same roof takes a special type of time management.” (Estes, 2009) Time management is one of the issues that most people face every day. Whether a teenager is trying to manage schoolwork and afterschool activities or a president of a company trying to manage work, family and social activities it…show more content…
Individuals have to be able to divide their time equally between the three in order to successfully manage their day to day lives. “A prioritized To Do List is a tried and tested way to manage your time and get tasks done. Your daily planner template gives you focus and motivation to work your plan.” (Effective Time Management Strategies, 2008) As most companies work schedules come out at least a week in advance, a to-do list seems like the best thing to do. That way the author can have a visual of what needs to be done that week and prepare specific time for study and family activities. “Good time management has always been an important skill, but it is now increasingly essential, as factors such as information overload and the need to balance private and working lives have put pressure on managers to squeeze more out of their working day.”(University of Phoenix, 2009) Time management is something you have to work with daily. Sometimes things happen in life that are unavoidable and take up a considerable amount of time. The author just has to set a schedule and be determined to stick to it. References Effective TIme Management Stratagies. (2008, January). Retrieved September 18, 2009, from Estes, P. (2009, August 19). What
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